About Us

What Leadking Shipping Do!

Successful freight forwarding, project logistics, and relocation management services in challenging markets globally, inside knowledge, and a reputation that businesses can trust. This is why lead-king shipping Services is the preferred choice of many companies in the region. Coupled with our regional and international service network makes Leadking Shipping Service is the leading service provider globally. Leadking Shipping Services provides a "one-stop-solution" to meet all of your logistics requirements. Whether you are looking to relocate household goods across the region or move an offshore drilling platform, Across the seas, Leadking Shipping Services has the capability, experience, and expertise to make it happen. You will get personalised service at every level with Leadking Shipping Services because we are truly independent, make our own decisions, and specialise in our home market.

Our Mission

Our primary objectives are to promote Total Quality Management and to maintain our success through steady investments in our service expansions and innovations.

Our Vision

Our aim is to be the best customer service team in our profession. We strive to develop and maintain a first-class infrastructure to ensure employee satisfaction, which drives customer loyalty leading to sustained profit growth and creating improved company value

Quality Statement

Quality is not an op on, but a necessity to survive and thrive in an environment of global competition. We aim to provide total customer satisfaction on that will lead to customer loyalty. By using Total Quality Management techniques, we can locate waste, identify its causes and eliminate it.

A good example of waste is rework, which is often more costly than doing the job right in the first place. A common business concept is known as the "1-10-100 Rule". If it takes one unit of costs or effort to complete a job correctly, it will take 10 times that effort to correct an error before it reaches the customer. And once it has reached the customer, it will take 100 times the cost and effort to correct the situation, not to men on the loss of customer goodwill.


Aim and Objective

Our aim is to exceed the expectations of our customers through total quality management. Our objectives is to provide cost effective and reliable solutions to help our customers to realize their goals