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Over the years, Leadking Shipping Services has fostered strong business relationship with all major international and regional ocean carriers.

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Air freight forwarding is a process of transporting goods via air freight services from one place to another.

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Special warehousing facilities for household goods and personal effects are also available at all locations.

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Why Leadking Shipping ?

Successful freight forwarding, project logistics and relocate on management services in challenging markets globally, inside knowledge, and a reputation that businesses can trust. This is why Leadking Shipping Services is the preferred choice of many companies in the region. Coupled with our regional and international service network makes Leadking Shipping Service is the leading service provider in globally, Leadking Shipping Services provides a “one-stop-solution” to meet all of your logistics requirements.

Whether you are looking to relocate household goods across the region or move an offshore drilling platform across the seas, Leadking Shipping Services has the capability, expertise and experience to make it happen. You will get personalized service at every level with Leadking Shipping Services because we are truly independent, make our own decisions and specialize in our home market.

Our Service

Air Freight

Due to the sensitivity and me pressures involved in airfreight, Leadking Shipping Services develops comprehensive airfreight service plans tailored to meet our customers' specific requirements.

Sea Freight

Over the years, Leadking Shipping Services has fostered strong business relationship with all major international and regional ocean carriers.

Customs Clearance

In the global market place, rapidly changing demands on production and delivery schedules have placed increased responsibility on Customs House Brokers to provide expert Customs Clearance Services.

Warehouse Management

Leadking Shipping Services offers secure storage facilities at all key destinations. Our warehouses are among the safest places to deposit your goods.

Project Logistics

Leadking Shipping Services specializes in project freight management and all associated planning and implementation services. Whether you are moving an individual heavy lift or complete industrial plant from various origins around the world

Cargo Insurance

Leadking Logistics is able to offer advice concerning insurance services for all type of cargoes ranging from household goods, personal effects, live-stock, to commercial goods.


Our customers demand visibility, execution, and innovative transportation solutions. We take a strategic approach to logistics planning and find solutions to control costs and get your product to your customers as efficiently possible.

About Us

Established in 2019, Leadking Shipping Services is one of the leading international freight forwarding, project logistics and relocation management companies delivering cost effective solutions throughout the global.

Leadking Shipping Services develops comprehensive freight forwarding, project logistics and relocation service plans tailored to meet specific requirements of customers.

This is accomplished by learning customer’s exact objectives with regards to their internal and external requirements, thus ensuring that Leadking Shipping Services will provide quality. Services more consistently than any other service provider in the market. Our tried and proven routes to the throughout global countries ensure international reach whatever your cargo and me frame is. As the preferred supplier for various Fortunes of companies and the first point of contact to increase supply chain efficiency in globally, we are very proud of our reputa on and always strive to maintain it.